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miranda kerr aussie hottie

Victoria's Secret sure knows how to pick sexy woman as their models. Miranda Kerr has one of those bodies that are just sculpted to wear lingerie. Although she isn't the most voluptuous of the Victoria's Secret sexy girls, Miranda has the perfect curves in just the right places to go with a seductive lingerie "girl next door look".

Miranda kerr is one of the sexiest ladies in the fashion industry, and Miranda is heating things up in the new Victoria’s Secret ad campaign.

Miranda Kerr is the latest model to be the face of American lingerie brand Victoria's Secret. The Australian model poses in these shots for the Spring ad campaign frolicking in a garden in pink underwear. She's wearing the "Dream Angels collection"

New shots of the awesome Aussie hottie show her natural beauty as she poses in the new Victoria’s Secret "Dream Angels" Push-Up Bra along with a pair of matching panties.


Birth Date: February-20, 1983
Country of Origin: Australia
Height (cm): 175
The Australian-born and multi-ethnic (of Serbian, Turkish, Iranian and Filipino heritage) Miranda began her modeling career when she was 13 years old. Her earliest success came in 1997 from winning the Dolly/Impulse Modeling Competition.

Since then, she has had continued success in her current home of New York. She was also the first Australian model to walk the runway in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

She has modeled for: Bonds, Bloomingdales, Jets Swimwear, Levi's, Lisa Ho, Maybelline, Neiman Marcus, Peter Alexander, Portmans, Veet, Victoria's Secret, and Voodoo Dolls.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

11 tips making small bust look fuller

11 tips making small bust look fuller

Almost every girls want to have a fuller and firm breast, but do not get disillusioned with Pamela Anderson mentality. just be what you are,
All that big-breast mania we have now is a complete nonsense! No matter what your bra size is, your bust can look nice if you know how to “wear” it.

And many men like girls with chest much smaller than Pamela Anderson’s! Besides, the majority of designers create their garments for ladies with smaller busts.

If, for some reason, you don’t feel right about your bust size you may go under knife or take some pills but there is another way – you may boost your boobs visually!
All you need to do is choose clothes correctly to create the illusion of a big bust. Here you will find some tips on how to find clothes that flatter you the most.

1. Choose the correct bra. First of all make sure you wear the correct bra size.

Too many women wear the wrong bra size. Signs that you’re making the same mistake are the following:
constantly falling down straps;
straps that dig into the back;
underwire that fits above the bottom of the breast;
cups that flatten out the bust, especially in uncomfortable or painful ways;
or pink marks, welts, or cuts in the skin after use.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s time to buy a new bra.

You may want to get your bust professionally measured. It’s possible to do that in a good department store or a lingerie shop. Remember that, with the proper size, the breast should be between the shoulder and the elbow if your arm is straight down.

The right bra will not only feel better, it will make all of your clothes fit better, too.

2. Prefer bras with push-up effect. The best choice is a balconette as it flatters the small breast.
But ensure that the bra is only slightly padded, otherwise the padding will look too obvious and artificial. Never buy bra that makes you appear more than one cup size bigger. You’ll look ridiculous.

3. Wear patterns. Women with small busts usually have triangular-shaped bodies with the lower half of their figures heavier than the upper half.
To balance out the body, you can wear patterned blouses and solid colored pants and skirts. But avoid wearing a huge pattern for your top, because it will consume your torso. Instead, select a moderate-sized pattern - nothing too small, either, for that can actually minimize the appearance of your bust even more.

4. Prefer ruffles, pleats or breast pockets.

Subtle ruffles add volume to a small bust, but avoid giant ruffles, they will overwhelm your frame. What you need is little ruffles used as trim for the neckline or that fall directly under the bust or that run vertically down the center of the blouse.

But remember that ruffles on the pants are not for your figure type - they will bring the eye down to your lower half and away from your bust.

5. Wear tops of brighter or lighter colors.

Choose brighter tops and darker bottoms, even if they’re both in the same hue. In case you want a black and white combination, be sure that your top is white and your bottom is black.

This illusion will make your body appear more proportionate, so your bust will seem fuller.

6. Choose for details at the bust. Anything centered on the bust will make it seem larger. Peasant tops look well on small busted girls.
Textured or reflective fabrics right on the bust also create an optical illusion. Buttons, embroidery, and other attention-getters are great ways to increase the appearance of a bust.

7. Try horizontal stripes. A shirt or top with multicolored horizontal stripes worn with dark bottom will make your hips look smaller and breasts look fuller.
8. Beware of clothes that are too loose – it will make your breasts “disappear”, but don’t put on anything that’s too tight either, because it will flatten you.

Find a compromise – choose something that will show off the shapes you have.

9. Choose accessories carefully. You may wear thin chains with small pendants and delicate designs, they will make your breasts look bigger by contrast.
10. Try dresses and tops that are already made with inner cups to get a rounder look.

11. Necklines are highly important. High, asymmetrical, crew and gathered necklines will flatter your bust and make it look a bit bigger. Stay away from deep v-necks or very low scoop-necks, although vees are better than scoops. You can wear bandeau neck, jewel necklines, boat neckline, cowl neckline or other adornments at top.

Don’t feel upset about your small breast, doesn’t it look nice when you wear the right clothes? Yes, it certainly does! So, keep that tendency on and enjoy the life!

Alessandra looks very nice with her small boobs

tips for tall and thin girls

So many girls dream of being as tall and thin as catwalk models.
They admire them, envy them, think that nature favored them with such figures absolutely undeserved.

Probably girls of this shape really look well but in many cases they have to work hard to have the body that is a dream of millions.

And skinny girls know for sure that not all garments look well on them and they must choose carefully to avoid too long and lean look.

For the girls who are the type described these tips maybe helpful in the process of selecting clothes.
Things to remember:
1. Dress in layers, they add interest and disguise thinness.
2. Avoid wearing bare, short and clinging clothes.
3. Create the illusion of fullness and softness. In summer when your thinness is the most seen wear soft, fluffy fabrics.

4. Beware of garments with vertical stripes and patterns, for you will look even thinner than you are.
5. Prefer wearing horizontally striped designs and patterns.
6. Try to avoid wearing solid color even if it is your favorite.
7. Long and sharp necklines are not for you.

8. Keep the very skinny parts under wraps. Cover your throat with a scarf, choker, high cowl neck or long hair. But steer clear of prissy bows and ruffles.
9. Prefer suits to dresses or attires including skirts and blouses or sweaters. If you choose to wear a dress pay attention to the one with horizontal stripes, seams, etc.
10. Avoid very wide skirts in plenty of pleats and gathers. You’ll look scruffy and old-fashioned. Choose more modern flared designs, skirts with accordion pleats, etc.
11. Minimize use of padding on your shoulders.
12. Don’t wear heels. If you do, select shorter ones.
Prefer boots as they camouflage skinny legs under skirts.
13. Don’t wear heavy shoes. They’ll make your legs look even thinner.

with the tips listed above we hope you’ll experience less difficulty in choosing your outwear!

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bedroom eye

night gown collection by Vera Wang
in bed with high end designer.

dream time with prince charming
Simply Sublime
simply fantastic

Vera Wang on a budget

Want to look chic in a budget ? The trick to fashion on a budget is to not make it look like you’re living on a budget, the new trend in the style industry melds high-end designers with budget-conscious department retailers. Here’s a quick guide on where you can pick up chic garb for much less.

Pick Vera Wang, internationally acclaimed designer Vera Wang’s new line boasts everything from well-designed clothing to jewelry and must-have items for your wardrobe.
In addition to being affordable, the line adds new pieces every month, making it easier for you to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank! here is some spring/summer collection from Vera Wang.

Charcoal merino long sleeve cardigan over stone silk organza inverted pleat dress with coral mosaic neckline over vermillion silk organza slip skirt. Topaz crystal motorcycle chain belt.

Black and electric blue hand-painted duchess dress with gold crystal leaf bib over black embroidered horsehair petticoat

Black techno cut-away suit over yellow silk organza paneled camisole. Black cameo necklace strung on crystal pearls. Black crystal motorcycle chain necklace.

Heather gray long-back cotton sweatshirt over charcoal hand-painted duchess short. Aurora borealis small necklace. White leather Niki bag with smoke crystal motorcycle chain.

alessandra ambrosio

super aless day at the beach

alessandra super bikini photo shot

great figure super tan

Where would the fashion and modeling world without alessandra ambrosio ??? the supermodel - the super manequin - brazilian hot babe also the supermom .

Alessandra Ambrosio has established herself as one of the premiere supermodel of the world. one of most sucessful models, she was listed as one of the world's highest earning models, best known for her work with Victoria's Secret lingerie, Glamour models.

Alessandra Ambrosio has also distinguished herself on the catwalk as well adding her presence to show by Laura Baguette, Nicole Miller, Byblos, Christian Dior, Kenzo and more. campaign that helped to lounch her into international fame.

Alesandra Ambrosio Beach, bikini photo shot.

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tyra banks the hottest black american supermodel

Tyra Banks gorgeous American fashion supermodel, she was Born on 4 December 1973, in Los Angeles, California. she is a succesful television personality, author, actress, singer, executive producer, talk show host.

Tyra images graces lots of major magazines cover shot, fashion catwalk,

Tyra Banks Best Known As Supermodel host of America's Next Top Model, Banks also had her cover shots, photo gallery, wallpaper.

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supermodel Tyra Banks
An American supermodel with lovely brown skin, one of the most admired and watched supermodel.

Tyra Banks recent activity host The Tyra Banks Show, a daytime talk show aimed at younger women,High quality. Tyra Banks pictures featuring Victoria's Secret

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keira knightley hot chanel model

Actress and model Keira Knightley at the Chanel Paris fashion show [above]. she is looking so hot, so very couture. Ms Knightley was dressed head-to-toe in Chanel, and is the new spokes model for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle fragrance.