Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tips for woman with big breast, Plus sized breast.

Woman with Big breast, big niple may have certain advantage for a woman, but it also pose a more responsibilities to care for it.
Breast cancer can threaten a woman's survival and diminish her self-esteem, sexuality, and spirit. It is stereotypically associated with older women, but as many as 11,000 women below the age of 40 are diagnosed with breast cancer annually in the USA.

There is good news for women though. The survival rate for beating breast cancer is on the rise. What does this mean for women? Better early detection. Better chance.
The survival rate for beating breast cancer is on the rise. Plus, there are also better treatment options now than in the past. What does this mean for women, we have better odds at beating the dreaded Breast Cancer.

Survival rates for breast cancer are up to about 50 percent since 1999. Part of this reason is that there is more breast cancer awareness.
Women are taking charge of their lives. They now realize how important self tests can
be and more and more women are taking the preventative mammograms, just like their doctors suggest.

Studies show that women with bigger breast, excess weight have a higher chance of getting this dreaded disease than their thinner counter-parts with small bust.

Therefore, your efforts to take care of your breasts need to
differ, more often and thouroughly.

Below are a few general suggestions to help you. These are easy, effective ways to care for your breasts and be on guard for cancer. Adding them to your health regime could save your life.

1. Ignore family history. If you are in a family of cancer-free women who are thin, you can't let this lull you into a false sense of security. Your your chances of being affected by this disease. So handle your health care accordingly.

2. Check for extra breast lumps. Many women already have lumpy breasts - especially plus-sized ones. As a result, you have to not only be aware of the lumps in your breast that are natural to your body, but the extra ones that show-up suddenly. It's those lumps that are normally cancerous. You should examine your breasts on a monthly basis. (Extra Tip: Check for lumps underneath your arms also.)

3. Meet more often with your doctor. Just as people who are prone to get plaque are supposed to see their dentists more often than those who don't suffer from this plight, plus-size women need to schedule more appointments with their doctor. See him or her twice a year instead of once and let them help you stay healthy and check for any breast abnormalities.

4. Get MRI and mammogram tests. Because plus-size women have a tendency to have large breasts, mammogram tests may not be sufficient in detecting cancer. See if your doctor will also allow you to have an MRI. This will work as a back-up to the other test to be sure your breasts are truly cancer-free. (Extra Tip: Open MRI's can accommodate larger patients, so don't be afraid to ask for one.)

5. Avoid other cancer-risk activities. Since you're already at risk for getting cancer due to size and weight, don't compound this by picking up any extra cancer-risk activities. What do I mean? You shouldn't smoke or drink
excessively. These will only add to your chances of getting sick. Choose life, choose a healthy life style.

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer and feel like you are grasping at straws for answers then you may want to consider hiring a cancer health care consultant to help you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

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