Monday, June 22, 2009

acid wash denim is back

blue jean, or preferably acid wash denim is timeless popular mix and match for elegance casual look and everyday use, make sure to have a few pair ready when you are about to hit the shopping town or out for lunch. these celebrities looks so faboulous with acid wash denim on.
nicky hilton looks great in denim
kate moss out and about in acid wash denim and black sunglasses looks so smashing
kate beckinsale
rihanna so beautiful

beyonce looks great with acid wash denim

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fashion Tips for Bigger Breasted Women

Fashion Tips for Big Busts

British women’s bust sizes, for example, are getting bigger. UK breasts have increased in size from 34B to 36C in the last ten years. According to the Daily Mail’s article of 19th January 2008, “UK women’s cleavages have gone from 34B to 36C in a decade.” Marks and Spencer, that most hallowed of British underwear retailers say “a quarter of its bras sold are a D cup or above, a figure which has doubled in three years.”

The increase in bust sizes means that fashion conscious women may have to adapt their style and buy cuts which minimize rather than accentuate their breasts. How to show off our cleavage in a flattering rather than a tarty way is something we learn as we get older. Cuts and styles which once flattered your 34B figure may no longer be appropriate for a bigger bust.

Fashion Tips for Bigger Breasted Women

Wrap dresses are the most flattering style for a bigger busted, curvy woman, or a smock or empire line where the fabric falls loosely from under the bust. Steer clear of high-neck shift dresses and halter-neck styles, if it is difficult to wear a well fitting, supportive bra underneath.

Avoid sleeveless tops and dresses, especially with a high neckline, as sleeveless styles draw more attention to the bust and upper arms. Cover up a dress with this season’s fashionable bolero or cropped jacket if need be. Three-quarter length sleeves are the most flattering as they deflect attention away from the breasts.

Blouses and Tops
Corset tops look great on bigger busts as long as they have sleeves, as they “accentuate without being vulgar,” say UK fashion gurus Trinny and Susannah in their book What Not to Wear, Weidenfeld Nicolson Illustrated (1 Jun 2004)
Wrap-over tops are a woman’s best friend, as they flatter bigger breasts, lifting and separating the bustline.
The best blouse style, according to Trinny and Susannah “is one that is tight around the waist and loosening on the chest.” This minimizes the waist and give the illusion of a smaller bust. Look for a tie just under the bust, or a corset style blouse, which really flatters the bustline.
Avoid spaghetti straps, which accentuate the breasts and shoulders, and go for thicker, more supportive straps if you must wear a sleeveless top or dress.
Jackets and Coats
Avoid boxy jackets with high necklines and double-breasted styles which will make you appear top heavy. Go for a single breasted, fitted, deep V-neck which will separate the bust and lengthen the body.

Avoid wide lapels and this season’s trendy belted trench coats, which give you unnecessary billowing up top.

Sweaters and Jumpers
Avoid bulky knitwear and go for thinner Cashmere-like fabrics which give less bulk.

The same rules for necklines apply. A V-neck and wrap cardigan or sweater is much more flattering than a round or high polo neck. Go for fine knits rather than chunky. Layer if necessary but avoid bulk.

Avoid high and round necklines on tops and T-shirts which provide no break between your neck and bust, making them appear unified and therefore even bigger. Go for a scoop, plunge or sweetheart-neck which “will stop your breasts appearing as if they are an extension of your chin.” advise Trinny and Susannah.

V-necks are wonderfully flattering as they elongate the body and act to separate your cleavage. Low, draw-string-necklines are also fine. Any neck style which provides an expanse of flesh from the neck and chest will give you a sleeker figure.

Swimwear styles with ruching around the bust will minimize breasts. Wrap styles are also great for creating a well defined and slimmer cleavage. Go for a more unusual style like a plunge or cowl neck which will make it seem than you don’t have as much up top.

Wide-strapped halter necks can provide support and accentuate narrow shoulders. Online retailers such as Figleaves stock a wide range of swimsuit brands which cater for the well-endowed.

The right bra lifts and supports a fuller-bust and can take years off your figure. Yet it is no secret that most of us are wearing the wrong size bra. This is one time when it is worth investing in the best bra you can find, especially if you are a D cup or beyond. A badly fitting brassier will make you look fat and distort the line of your clothing.
A bra can make or break a look and “can radically change the shape of your body”, say Trinny and Susannah in their book, What Your Clothes Say About You (Weidenfeld & Nicolson 29 Sep 2005). An astonishing "70 per cent of us are wrecking our clothes with an ill-fitting brassier;" according to these TV fashion gurus.
With the huge range of lingerie retailers available (online and in the high-street) there is absolutely no reason why a woman can’t buy lingerie that is both sexy and supportive. The days of passion-killer granny knickers and whale-like bras are long gone. Stockists such as the UK’s has a great range of femme-fatale bras up to a J cup.
A balconnette style bra provides both the necessary support and lift and is especially flattering for older women as breasts are pulled forward as well as upwards, thus giving the illusion of a slimmer torso and preventing saggy boobs.
Avoid too much lace or decoration, as this will give you added bulk.

mini skirt return

The Return of the Mini Skirt for 2009

Showing your legs traditionally heralds the start of summer, but choose the style which works best for your body shape
No matter what your age, showing some leg has never been more fashionable, with so many dramatic, body-conscious styles in this season's bold bright color.

You don’t need legs like a runway model to wear a mini skirt, the secret it balancing out the short hemline with more coverage on the top. One of the chicest ways to wear a mini skirt is not to show too much flesh; team it with a top which does not reveal too much.

A long-sleeved shirt, tunic or jacket can add sophistication. Choose this season’s style carefully if you have ample hips or heavy thighs, as a mini skirt tends to draw attention right to where you want to avoid it.
If you feel uncomfortable showing too much leg then a simple solution is a pair of opaque tights and matching shoes.

A mini skirt that sits at the natural waistline is likely to shorten your body further. Fashion guru, Paula Reed, author of Style Clinic (Harper Collins 2009), says positioning the waistband on your hips will keep your torso long.
For some Left-Bank chic, break the rules by wearing it with a biker jacket and flat boots or shoes.

According to Grazia magazine's feature "It’s Mini Mania " of May 4, 2009, buyers at UK stores Top Shop, Miss Selfridge and Oasis best selling skirt styles so far this season are the tube and lampshade. This summer's dramatic structured designs are likely to be a big hit with women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Expect to see them for Fall Winter 2009 too.